Should Cannabis be Legalised in the UK?

After receiving a request to write a post on Cannabis, and seeing the continued debate on whether or not it should be legal I thought I would produce a short post setting out what have been described as the main points of the for and against argument. This post also features a poll in which you are invited to express your view.  Please use comments to further join the discussion.


Cannabis is already legal in certain states of the usa

A good example of this is in the state of Colorado, where Cannabis is legal to buy from licensed shops.

Legalising cannabis would prevent children taking hard drugs

There is an argument that legalising cannabis would mean that children and for that matter, adults) would not be exposed to street-level dealers, and therefore would not be exposed to the other ‘harder’ drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines and heroin, that they also sell.

Legalising cannabis would lead to a ‘richer government’

Pro-legalisation campaigners say that a regulated, legalised market for cannabis, if taxed appropriately would bring in huge sums of tax duty for the exchequer, reducing the deficit and bolstering the public purse.

PROHIBITION has failed

It has been argued that criminalising cannabis has failed to control it’s use and cultivation. Pro-legalisation campaigners say that the policy has never been successful, neither in the U.K (despite the UK taking one of the toughest stances on cannabis) or abroad.


Cannabis is responsible for mental health problems

It has long been documented about the link between cannabis use and mental health.  Critics of cannabis state that mental health issues like schizophrenia may occur as a result of it’s use.  In addition, it is claimed that those who have had mental illness in the past, are more at risk of relapse if they take cannabis.

Cannabis is RESPONSIBLE for physical health problems

Anti-legalisation campaigners and the National Health Service (NHS) have all given warnings as to the physical health concerns surrounding the use of cannabis. They say that cannabis raises both the heart rate and blood pressure, potentially pre-disposing an individual to disease later in life.

CANNABIS is addictive

Some state that cannabis is addictive, and dependency may be worsened as if it is legalised, people may be more likely to use the drug as a way to forget their problems, similar to the way some people see alcohol.

This is only a short, to the point post on the main for and against arguments of cannabis legalisation in the UK.  I would be grateful that readers register their opinion by voting and commenting below.

Should Cannabis be Legalised in the UK?

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