Bad dreams, Night terrors or something else?

It was precisely three o’clock in the morning two weeks ago today.  I suddenly saw an elderly lady with dark hair, wrinkled skin, about five foot six tall bearing what would be described as ‘excess weight’. She was stood over me, in complete darkness with her eyes closed.  I could see myself laid in my bed, and was looking down over the whole scene. It was like I was a spectator in some sort of peculiar movie being played out on the inside of my eyelids. Her eyes opened, and what I saw terrified me, she had completely white eyes, with no obvious iris. As soon as she made eye contact, I felt a searing pain through my whole body, it was like I was being electrocuted.  My head was throbbing, this had to stop and stop quickly.  Please, lord make this stop.  The pain was excruciating, it went from the inside of my head, through my neck, down my torso and into all four of my limbs, which were vibrating fiercely.  I tried to look away but found myself unable, I could not break her gaze, I was completely paralysed.

The pain was so severe, all I could think of was making it stop.  From somewhere, I found the energy to climb out of my bed and move behind her, she followed my movement, not taking those eyes off me for one second.  Her head had turned a complete 180 degrees. How was this possible? I asked myself. It was beyond logical reasoning.  Then, I thought, I have had enough! I found the reserve to break her stare, and as suddenly as it started the pain stopped and I woke up in my bed, sweating profusely and coughing.  I had a searing pain in my head and was very confused. At first I thought I may have had a fit, but I have never experienced epilepsy like this before. I put it to the back of my mind, classifying it as an isolated incident without explanation.  This was until it happened again the next night.  Over the last two weeks I have had the exact same experience five times.

I confided in two friends, one suggested that I should see a psychic medium and a priest to determine whether these incidences are paranormal.  She suggested this due to the absence of eyes, and the way in which her head can turn around completely.

I would see a priest or a medium… Jonjo, that does not sound good. You should not be seeing things like this.  – Caroline Whitaker (Friend of seven years)

My other friend recalled an experience of her own.  She referred to when she was nine years old, she would dream that there were two people laid in her bed, two people she had never met or seen before. Her head was hurting. They claimed to be her paternal grandparents (she never saw her grandparents as her parents had divorced). She woke up and experienced pain in her head. She did not recognise them as her grandparents; all they did was speak her full name, repetitively. It was a little later that year she saw a picture of her paternal grandparents for the first time and recognised them from the dream. How can this be possible?

“I was confused… I did not know what was behind this dream. How can I see my father’s parents before I have even met them for the first time. I just don’t understand. My Friend (who wishes to remain anonymous).

I am still confused as to what these reams mean.  After I wake up, I have the most extraordinary headache, all my muscles feel achy and stiff and I cannot stop coughing. There are so many questions left unanswered. Could this be an out of body experience (OBE)? As yet I have had no explanation for these events, and am shocked by the similarities between mine and my friends experiences.  Maybe I will never find out? One thing is for sure, it really frightens me, and I long to know how I can stop this from happening.

Bad dreams, Night terrors or something else?

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