Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 5 Great Features

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. It’s 2.45am here in the UK. I can’t sleep so I’ve been playing around with my phone. I use the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I thought it would be a good idea to write a post setting out the top five features of this device now that I have got to know it better

1. The S Pen – This is a stylus but with a difference.  It not only interacts with the screen but with the device and applications as well.

The S Pen

The S Pen from my device. You may be able to make our the grey button which you use to interact with the device.


You can use the S Pen to write over the screen – as shown on my calendar.

2. Multi-Tasking – The note 3 boasts smart multi – tasking capabilities. You can work from multiple applications simultaneously.


The windows can be moved around, altered in both size and shape and even minimised into the corner to clear the screen if it cluttered – the phone’s monster of a processor handles it without a problem and is lag free.

3. HD Screen – It is simply beautiful. The clarity is double that of the previous two models. Add to this the screen is scratch resistant. What could be better?


The screen is excellent quality as can be seen above.

4. Games – The graphics and processor speed on this phone are astounding. This means that games run lag free and are easy to play on the large HD Amoled Screen.



5. Internet Browsing – The speed on this handset is incredible with its 4G connectivity, download booster and a variety of browsers which make good use of the large HD display. I use the new version of Opera optimised for Tablet use.


I hope that this brief rundown of the best features on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 helps if you are considering purchasing the device. There are many more outstanding features, far too many to list here. If you have any personal favourite features, please comment below.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 5 Great Features

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