Theaters, Sony, and Paramount Cave to Terrorists and Cyberbullies & Why that’s Bad

This certainly does set a sinister precedent. Sony pictures and national cinema chains essentially caving in to “cyber – terrorists” can only mean one thing. The first battle of what is sure to be a never ending war had been lost. Cyber terrorists 1 – America 0. This should not be the case at all. In my opinion, weakness has been shown and the film should never have been pulled. Unfortunately Sony has given the hackers what they want. They wanted to demonstrate they can control the movie industry. I personally am disappointed that I shall not get to see this well publicised and what likely would have been a highly amusing picture. Great shame.

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interview_xlgIn what can only be described as stupidity and cowardice, national theater chains including AMC, Regal, Cinemark, and Cineplex, and eventually Sony Pictures Entertainment have pulled the December 25th release of The Interview. For those who might not know, The Interview is a film starring Seth Rogen and James Franco that has them traveling to North Korea to interview Kim Jong Un, and are tasked to kill the leader. The country didn’t take the comedy too lightly, and instead North Korea (likely, it’s hard to verify) waged a cyber-war against Sony in retaliation.

That cyber attack proved an embarrassment for the American subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate. Sensitive documents were released, and have been fodder for sites over the past week. That coverage of leaked documents, and the subsequent reaction (which we’ll get to), played right into the hackers hands. Really, the…

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Theaters, Sony, and Paramount Cave to Terrorists and Cyberbullies & Why that’s Bad

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