How Do You Know If You Have Been Hacked?

I think this is key information that needs to be read. With the recent cyber attacks against Sony Pictures I think we all need to know the best ways to safeguard our personal systems to ensure we are at the lowest risk of being hacked.


big hackedBy Cache Valley Prepper – SurvivoPedia

Whether or not you have been hacked depends on your definition of “hacked.” In the broadest sense, it means that some of your sensitive information has been compromised … that a hacker or identity thief has gained access to some of your data or network resources such as camera or printer. If this is your definition of “hacked” I imagine nearly everyone reading this article has been hacked.

In just a single incidence of mega-hacking, hackers gained root level access to over 19 servers at JP Morgan Chase, compromising the information of approximately 76-83 million households and 7 million businesses for weeks! As of 2009, only about 110 million US households had bank accounts, so about ¾ of US households were affected.

Chase is not some hayseed bank. Chase underpins the global banking infrastructure. Worse than the fact that some of your information was…

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How Do You Know If You Have Been Hacked?

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