Managing your Life

I know all too much about having a heavy workload as during my studies on the Perioperative Practice course at the University of Hull – burning the midnight oil to ensure that my deadlines were met and that I kept up to date with the latest advances in clinical practice. This post is a nice little read which covers the importance of managing one’s life and the consequences in terms of health if this is note achieved.

WhiteCoatGeek, Future DO

Often times we get caught up in immense workloads and are extremely stressed out. This is very detrimental to our health. Having been in this type of situation multiple times throughout the year, I had to reassess how to approach the challenges life was throwing at me. I worked myself to the point where I nearly had two strokes, my blood pressure went out of control, and I was hospitalized for several days. It was in the hospital that I realized that all of that stress and pain could have been prevented with some simple lifestyle changes.

Before my “strokes,” I was pulling all-nighters for several days at a time. Procrastination, along with bad study habits, and horrible time management were the roots of all this. I was falling asleep in every class, and came home and collapsed in my bed. I did not care for my grades, and this carelessness definitely showed…

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Managing your Life

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